being an artist (female)

some criticize that many female artists believe that they need to be attractive to be successful. 
well...i actually know that attracting people does not boost careers as an artist...i am so sick of people who sends me messages saying that they want
 to have my show, want to buy my art, want to use my painting to a vinyl jacket printing, want to interview with me, things like that, and do noting apart from trying to get my email and phone number, to date with me.

ironically, being liked or recognized as charming or appealing gains and keeps audience attention somehow, even if those values are so irrelevant to creating good art and building respect (and this is not only the case of female artist, but also of some male artists). artists definitely need audiences, like music business. without audiences, art is just a hobby. in fact, there are some successful pretty female artists in japan, who effectively utilize their beauty to promote their art, as well as creating beautiful art. one artist for example actually uses the expression meaning "too beautiful artist" as a pr catch phrase repeatedly, and many people like and enjoy it. those artists obtain fame and money, which are not necessarily related to accomplishment but bring them more artistic freedom and opportunities. yes...why not, many artists want that freedom and opportunities too... anyway this is just one of the aspects of art world (in my country).

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