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cover art for Opilec Music ♪♪

Danny Ocean's 2 new releases are out soon, from the italian label Opilec Music,with my paintings on the cover art !!
enjoy the great music ....... ♪ the press release follows below;

イタリアのレーベル Opilec Music より8/26 にリリースされる Danny Ocean の新譜、カバーアートを提供させていただきました

big kiss to Opilec Music & Danny Ocean xx


Artist: Danny Ocean
Title: Acoustics Dimension / The Silence Of The Musicians
Label: Opilec Music
Release: August 26th, 2013
Cat. No.: OPCM LTD CD 009 / OPCM 12 038
Format: Digital

The Italian Opilec Music label has readied its next two releases, and both of them come from Barcelona’s Danny Ocean aka Dhematrixx and Magic Vibes. The first is a five track EP entitled “The Silence Of The Musicians”, whilst the second is a full length album entitled “Acoustics Dimension” complete with two remixes from Opilec Music boss

House and Techno champion Danny Ocean has produced various hits under his numerous aliases (including the excellent “Parallel Reality EP” on this label a year ago) and as a DJ is defined by his refined style, his sensibility, and his ability to combine the best of Chicago House with the latest sounds of Detroit Techno. He does that once more here across both releases.

The Silence Of The Musicians kicks off with the title track, a deep and spacey house cut filled with rueful pads and driving drums. ‘Angosha’ is just as deep but is more stripped back, sensuous and late night, with a muttering female voice lurking between the elastic beats as a louder male speaks right over the top, imbuing the track with a noir-ish but very real soulful feel.

Next track ‘Inuendo’ gets dense and busy again, layer up vintage sounding analogue machines and shuffling drums to make a hurried techno track that doesn’t hang around long enough to ever be anything other than wholly compelling. ‘Netzahualcoyolt’ is then a ducking and diving, elongated percussive tech house track of the sort that would have DC: 10 in a spin, and the final offering of ‘Melancholia’ (remix) is the sort of deep space journey through dreamy pads, spangled synths and celestial melodies that you need to bring you down after the arresting rides that have come before.

And so to the eleven track album, Acoustics Dimension, about which Danny says, “This is dedicated to all the people that gave me support to continue in this difficult time for DJs, and the track titled ‘Melancolia’ is dedicate to Miguel Angel Berga Martinez, Francisco Jurado,Vicente Monteagudo Moyá.”

Across the eleven tracks the producer explores plenty of different moods and grooves, all of them aimed squarely at the dancefloor. The opening track is a dreamy house affair with drifting melodies filling in the cloudy skies above the wavy beats below, and from there things really take off.

‘Consequence’ is laced up with classic string sounds that bring a genuine Detroit soul to the table, while ‘Decimount’ twists and turns in many different directions on waves of white noise, sharp synth lines and distant clattering percussion.

There’s a touch of ghetto house in the snapping snares and dark spoken word vocals of ‘Inside Out’, proving Danny Ocean has many different tricks up his sleeve. His unique sound world continues to develop through the menacing prowls of ‘Mean Trip’ before getting all tripped out and spacey on the appropriately entitled ‘Melancholia.’

I-Robots himself turns in two edits, the first is a taught, bassline lead version of ‘The Dark Passenger’ and the second, an edit of ‘The Day After 24’, is a deep and bubbly minimal track that slowly unfolds into dubby chords and exciting textures as it rolls on.

Acoustics Dimension is a fine statement from Danny Ocean that draws on many influences and inspirations to create something truly unique. It’s an approach that perfectly befits the Opliec Music label on which it is to be released and is a real milestone for both label and producer.

The artworks for these releases are provided by talented Japanese painter-artist Kae Seak.


The Silence Of The Musicians

1. Danny Ocean - The Silence Of The Musicians
2. Danny Ocean - Angosha
3. Danny Ocean - Inuendo
4. Danny Ocean - Netzahualcoyolt
5. Danny Ocean - Melancholia (Remix)

Acoustics Dimension

1. Danny Ocean – Acoustics Dimension
2. Danny Ocean - Consequence
3. Danny Ocean - Decimount
4. Danny Ocean - Inside Out
5. Danny Ocean - Mean Trip
6. Danny Ocean - Melancholia
7. Danny Ocean - Neanderthal Technology
8. Danny Ocean - The Dark Passenger (Free Yor Mind) (I-Robots Edit)
9. Danny Ocean - The Day After 24 (I-Robots Edit)
10. Danny Ocean - The Silence Of The Musicians
11. Danny Ocean - Ye-Cebel


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